July 25, 2018 at 10:40PM


Motion Control VFX Ronin S

As soon as I realized that I could program specific movements with the Ronin S and the app... I started getting ideas for a video to go with my friend Rob's song Black Coffee. We had talked about doing something for a while and the Ronin S gave me the opportunity to try a VFX that I always wanted to try. I wanted to create several versions of Rob around a house interacting with himself while the camera moves, pans, and tilts following the action.

I paired the Ronin S with a 4 foot motorized Rhino slider and programmed a series of moves timed with the song and we choregraphed some movements for Rob to do in different locations around the house. It took some trial and error but overall I am pretty happy with the results.

Check it out!


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