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Moving out to LA or NYC, is it worth it when you're still a PA?

Hey everyone, I got a bit of a question to ask if anyone can answer it. After graduating school and hunting for jobs in my area (Tampa, FL), I'm finding it very hard to land any PA jobs. I have had a few friends tell me that moving out to LA would be a good idea, but a couple of them have moved out to NYC and have gotten PA gigs quickly there. So my question to everyone is moving out to LA or NYC a good idea when you're starting out as a PA, and if so, which place would be better in the long run?

To add some more information, I have around $3000 in the bank to move out to location. I know this isn't much, but I'm hoping it might get me by for at least a month or two to get a few jobs lined up while I'm out there. Thanks to anyone that helps out by answering my question!!!

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It's not hard to get PA work in NY or LA, but be prepared to live in a tiny place with many roomies because the cost of living is very high and the pay is low. I know some people will argue with me, but don't work for free unless it's for a non-profit organization or a project just for fun. In any other case, somebody is taking advantage of you and they don't deserve your help. It doesn't lead to paying jobs, it just eats up time you could be spending finding a paying job.

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