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Music Composer Needed for Short Film

I'm currently writing a short film, and am looking for a composer for the project. I couldn't pay anything, but I'd greatly appreciate anyone that'd be willing to help out. You'd be credited in the film. I need some 80's style synth, very dramatic- think Stranger Things style. Would anyone be able to help me out on this? Thanks for reading

Seth D.

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Hey Seth,
My account has finally synced and I've realised that I've posted twice and I'd like to appologise!

I've made another account because I've been signed out of my other one for good but you can still reach me here:

I'm sorry for having two posts that are identical, I can't remove them so maybe a moderator can? Anyway, contact me if you're interested, this has been one hell of a night...

Thanks -for the 3rd time!-

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Charlie "Chas" Stewart
Film Composer (Eager for Jobs!)

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