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My film festival acceptance got taken back...

A short film of mine got into a women's film festival in California. I'm from Canada and screening fees tend to be more common here, so I asked if screening fees would be paid. They said no. I asked how I could benefit from the fest considering the move to online (covid) didn't allow for much networking, and I asked about viewership numbers. One of the organizers (a guy) responded defensively and pointed out their 'competitive ~15% acceptance rate'. I responded that really only told me they're making over $30K in entry fees (considering I knew the entry fee, how many films they accepted that year, and acceptance rate). Then he took back my acceptance and changed the status on FilmFreeway. I honesty wish I'd just kept my mouth shut, but bit of a harsh reaction. I don't think it's a scam fest considering they've been operating for over a decade and have reviews etc. But feeling pretty shit and was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences? Or even just situations where you wish you hadn't spoken up (even though felt right at time)? Thanks

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We answered this this week on the podcast, out friday!

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