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NFS boards, advertisters and professional reputation

There is an immense amount of spam on these boards.
What is troubling for me is that a great deal of them seem to be links for the downloading of copyrighted workes.

As a professional in the field I don't wish to be associated with a website that hosts torrent seed links.

I don't imagine that advertisers appreciate that association either. However maybe Canon, the New York Film School and Premium Beats actually intend to be the side advertisement for a torrent link to the French version of Logan.

You should fix this ASAP or expect to lose advertising


Its a blog WTF you talking bout professional reputations?

March 13, 2017 at 11:54AM

Indie Guy

Blog posts on boards like this can become part of your professional reputation. Managing that reputation is part of my career development. I am making a conscious decision to post on well trafficked boards and spend my time being helpful. When someone seaches for me, my imdb and a host of ,hopefully, useful discussion will inform their decision to work with me.

People in the industry pay attention to blogs. For you it doesn't matter because you aren't posting under a real name. I am posting under my name and for a legitimate board that isn't a problem.

However MPAA security clearance is a real thing and having lot of posts on a board that hosts torrent links can mess that up. Especially if the torrent is for unreleased footage from a title I may be working on. Most of the time they are chill about things, but you don't want to build a 'bad' foot print over time, with multiple grey or shady associations.

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