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This is NOT "What Camera Should i Buy"!!! I Just Want To Know Your Thoughts

2017 started to be an interesting year camera-wise with the announce (and release) of the GH5, and at this point it's even more interesting after Cinegear with the Canon C200 and the Panasonic EVA1 (can't stop saying it like Wall-e in my mind). In my particular taste, i've always loved the color science of Canon and Panasonic (way more than Sony's) and i would start saving for one of them (a little more leaning towards the EVA1 as i also want a GH5 so color matching i asume it will be faster [not gonna say easier] and i really want to keep saying "Eeeeeva" like Wall-e) xD. But on the other hand, i think Canon finally made something INTERESTING (i've liked the color and reliability of the C Cinema Line, but not enough to buy one. C100 being just 1080p [even if it's REALLY GOOD 1080p] and the C300 just being out of my budget +10K). I know it's early to say the least, as right now we don't have footage to compare from, and spec sheets ARE ONLY specs sheets, but nonetheless they WILL BE a fantastic couple of REAL cameras (not DSLR) at a indie-ish price point sub-10K market, EF mount, XLR audio imput, ND build in and 4K... Sooooooo, i just want to know your thoughts on this. Which camera excites you the most? Why?. Thanks for reading and happy shooting!


The alexa ev by a long shot. Theres no point in buying a c200 or Eva really wait and save a little more and you can get a used alexa ev for 11k

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Indie Guy

Yeah! And after that you'll just need a couple things:

-$1K Tripod
-$4K Tripod Head
-$1500 of batteries (if you go really cheap)
-$12K set of PL mount lenses! (again, if you go really cheap)
-$1500 set of ND filters
-$1500 matte box
And if you want a kit that's actually workable you can also plan on spending about $3000 on a handheld setup and onboard monitor

And then you get to lug your 35lb camera+50lb tripod+lens and AKS cases around all on your own, unless you're willing to pay an AC to help you out every time you shoot.
And after you've gone to all that trouble, you can have fun explaining to the client why your camera can't shoot 4K!

So yeah, why not just save a little more and get all that?

The Alexa is a great camera, and it's still very relevant, but it has massive drawbacks for someone that is just starting out. Image isn't everything, and for someone new to the world of cinema I would stick to a much lighter camera that requires less infrastructure. Just rent the Alexa package when you need it.

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Kenneth Merrill

I own a C300 MkII, and I was very interested in the C200 because it shoots 4K up to 60fps. BUT the data rate is massive; if I wanted that much data, I would just shoot my Red. So, I'm actually much more interested in the EVA 1.
My issue with the EVA 1 is no EVF and only 6 stops of internal ND. Having up to 10 stops internal ND on my C300 II has been amazing. But it might be worth the trade for the dual ISO and more framerate options in 4K.
At this point it's all speculation because we haven't seen footage from the EVA 1. If it looks a lot like the Varicam LT, then I will probably be sold--I love that camera's color. But this is a whole new sensor; who knows how it will look.

You're right; there are a ton of great cameras out there right now. It's an amazing time to be a filmmaker. My biggest advice would be to try and get your hands on cameras to test before you buy anything. Also don't forget that renting is also a good option. Approach any purchase from an investment standpoint. If it's not going to make you money, then it's better just to rent.

June 8, 2017 at 1:40AM

Kenneth Merrill

For me the most interesting camera is the c200 as it has the best versatility, it can do great run and gun images with a reliable autofocus for small daily job and be also used to shoot raw on high end projects. I do like the fs5 too but the canon c200 is just better in every area, all I miss now is a good affordable 17-110 all in one lense for those little jobs.

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get a 2nd hand Sony FS700 with a Odyssey 7q SSD recorder.... can do 4k raw, 2k raw, 2k 240fps raw etc etc has built in ND, and 2 x XLR .......there are a few complete kits on ebay

October 5, 2017 at 4:12AM

Matt Lovell

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