October 10, 2016 at 9:41AM


Paul Thomas Anderson: Breaking Down His Directing Style & Techniques

Some people are quick learners, some people have a keen sense already and polish their skill while some seem to have been born with the skill and talent to accomplish something great.

Paul Thomas Anderson famously known as P.T Anderson happens to be such a filmmaker who seems to have been born with the ability and eye of a filmmaker. Born on the 26th of June, 1970 P.T Anderson was born in Studio City, California to Ernie and Edwina Anderson.

Ernie Anderson was the renowned and familiar voice of ABC and a horror show host Ghoulardi, which used to run on Cleveland television late at night. San Fernando is the place where the young P.T Anderson grew up. He did not have a close bond with his mother and shared a troubled relationship with her, but he was particularly close with his father Ernie whose support and encouragement made him make a place for himself by being a writer or a director.

Being the third youngest of nine siblings, Anderson attended numerous schools which included Buckley in Sherman Oaks, John Thomas Dye School and then Campbell Hall School. He and his group of friends were always up to something related to filming and shooting and which got a bit out of control for which his parents sent him to Cushing Academy which was a very refined boarding school.

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