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Please Help Setting Up New iMac

I want to upgrade my editing setup and want to purchase a new 27" iMac.

Please help me to configure it with keeping the costs as low as possible, upgrading only the essentials.

I was trying to keep the price in the $2200 range or less.

I'm planning on upgrading the RAM to 32gb from a 3rd party and saving a couple hundred dollars instead of ordering the RAM directly from Apple.

Any comments about what else I should do as far as upgrading the computer would be greatly appreciated.

Processor - Is upgrading to 3.5 ghz worth the extra money?

Storage- I think this is where I need the most help. If I remember correctly I was told to go with the Fusion drive instead of the ATA. Is that right? What should I do?

Graphics - Really worth the upgrade?

Thanks so much in advance!

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I work with Macs, but I'm not a Mac expert...

I would check to make sure that adding 3rd party RAM won't void the warranty on you Mac if you are buying a new Mac.

As for upgrades, the processor upgrade won't do very much, the RAM upgrade will make things noticeably faster ( 16GB is enough if your budget is tight ), and going with a SSD drive ( or "Flash" drive in Apple terms ) instead of a regular drive or Fusion drive make a huge difference when opening or closing apps.

I would also consider getting any kind of Thunderbolt external drive for storage, especially when editing video as you are going to run out of room on the internal drive very fast, even if it's a 3TB internal ATA drive.

For external Thunderbolt storage I would take a look at these two items...

HighPoint RocketStor RS5212 Thunderbolt Storage Dock

This is a drive doc that works sort of like a "toaster" where you can plug-in 1 or 2 bare SATA drives into the slots on top. The "toaster" will power the drives and connect them to your Mac via the Thunderbolt port. The main advantage with this sort of set-up is that you can swap in new drives into the "toaster" slots when ever your old drives get full, this way you will never run out of storage space as long as you can buy new drives to slot in. A bare 3TB drive costs about $100 to buy.

OWC / Other World Computing ThunderBay IV 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Drive

This is a great low cost RAID box that uses a software RAID setup, which is fine as long as you are going to use it only on one Mac. The advantages of this set-up are very high drive speed and recovery if one drive fails, so your files copy and load much faster, and you are protected if one drive fails. ( assuming you set the storage box up as RAID 5 storage )

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