April 13, 2016 at 8:17AM


Re: Filming Hunts a spec hunters worst nightmare

I started this thread nearly 9 months ago and I wanted to update on where I'm at and a few new questions I hope someone could help out with. I tried to post a reply to my original post in the link below, but I'm not sure it made it to everyone as I still have to search for it. Anyways below is also my post with questions and as always thanks for your help!


First off I've spent some time behind the new a7sii, dvx200 and they're both pretty solid for what I'd need them to do and grading them has been a task as my current setup has a tough time with the 4k files, its doable but takes some major patience.

Unfortunately though I have a hunt I will be filming in May and the budget just isn't there quite yet for new gear, so I've been testing out my d600 a bit more and I feel I have a good handle on my past focus issues. Mainly because I've determined that as much as I enjoy helping out the hunters during the hunt, I need to simply just focus on filming.

But what I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on a few things:

1. Does anyone have any experience using any of the flat picture profiles for nikon? ie Cineflat, Tissinflat etc.? I've got divinci pretty well figured out for what I would need it to do, so if theres any good tutorials etc to help that would be awesome!

2. Ninja Blade vs Ninja 2? ProRes 4:2:2 on both and I definitely can't spend $1000+ on the assassin or shogun. But is the screen size / resolution really a big difference between the two? Any one of them better at handling high low temps? I'd like to get the absolute best image out of my camera and I feel that this will definitely help!

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