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Reviewing YouTube Video

So my friend and I went out to shoot a quick promo for his new t-shirt, just wondering what some more advanced filmmakers think!


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I feel like the speed ramps don't really work, they tend to make things hard to focus on. Instead of ramping up, try shooting at a higher frame rate and doing some slow motion as it could add to the epic feel of your friend's stunts and therefore add to the epicness of his shirt.

The other thing that isnt really working for me is that the shirt if covered with a hoodie in a few shots, and there are two in particular that this is a big problem. You have a shot where he is jumping over a gap and then cut to his landing. When he jumps he is not wearing the hoodie, when he lands he is wearing the hoodie - try for a little more continuity. Also, when tilting down to the logo on the shirt we clearly see that the hoodie is Adidas brand, you may want to avoid showing a brand other than the shirt if this is a promo/commercial.

Other nitpicky things: 1. There are some screen direction issues where he is running to camera left and after a cut he is now running to camera right. This isn't a big deal because this video is more montage style so this discontinuity can be explained away by saying the shots are only related in theme and are not following the same action, but if they are meant to be the same action then maintaining the screen direction could be helpful. 2. I am really not a fan of the dip to black as a transition, and frankly, I don't think your video needs the dips to black. There is not a large period of time passing between shots that would benefit from the dips to black. 3. Careful with what is in the backgrounds of your shots, I assume that the shirt is promoting the idea of freedom from running in the woods, being out there in nature, exploring, running, jumping, doing some forest-parkour, but in the shot at 26-seconds, we can see parked cars and street lights.

That's it, there are some nice shots in there, don't be discouraged, I think you did some nice stuff in there and with more experience they'll get even more nice.

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