May 18, 2021 at 3:06AM

7 setup wizard will help you to set up the Asus wifi router, such as configuring the network, and changing login credentials, managing all the wi-fi settings, and much more. The web address or the IP both will lead you to the Asus router login web page to setup the wifi router settings.
Quick Setup With

The guide association for the Asus router is simple through the This is the default web address to setup and log in the Asus router. Connect your computer with the router.
Moreover, you can establish a remote or wired connection. But we recommend you to make a wired connection because it is more consistent than the remote connection. After the successful connection, you can now make a remote connection with the Asus router.
Connect your modem with the router also. Now, open an internet browser from the computer that is connected to the Asus router and then enter or IP within the address bar. Specify a point in the position bar to sort, but, no longer in the inquiry bar. On the console, you have to press enter key, and then the setup wizard will open.
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