November 20, 2016 at 1:04PM, Edited November 20, 1:39PM


Seeking writing partner(s) and/or advice for post-apoc series

I am an independent producer/directer in Canada with a strong concept for a sci-fi TV series. I have shot a mini-pilot that is now in post, you can see production stills here:
I know the main arcs of the story, and am trying to develop it into a 10 part series that covers three generations (past/pres/future) of the characters' lives. The central character is reborn after the world has been destroyed and discovers that she has a super-power. Her power is the ability to create monumental works of art out of the blighted land.
I work best in collaborations and am looking for storytellers to help me develop this work and write screenplays. If you might be interested, please reply or get in touch ( I am a great person to work with and would be willing to offer some small compensation if it helps.
Or if you have advice for someone in my position, I am open to it.

I have a rough cut of footage from the pilot I would be willing to share with serious applicants.
I previously produced the same story as a stage production, and you can see visuals from that here: and reviews here:

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