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Short film Jimmy Shine 1968

Hello fellow filmmakers! I would love to share with you one of the recent projects I worked on as an executive producer - a short film Jimmy Shine 1968 starring Pridhvi Sunain Zoro and Rebecca Oystila. The film is based on a scene from a Broadway play "Jimmy Shine" starring Dustin Hoffman. The play has never been turned into film, and that's why we got very enthusiastic to experiment on it!

Originally the play was intended to be a slapstick; we re-designed it into the old dark comedy style in B&W. The plot centers on a struggling artist in Downtown Los Angeles, and his relationships with women.

I'm sharing it with you because I know that you, as filmmakers, will be able to fully understand how much work was put into making this film! That's why I would really appreciate your critique and thoughts on our work!

Production company: Priswes Cinema
Directed by: Pridhvi Sunain Zoro

Full film:

Posters on our production company website:

Technical specifications:

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