August 3, 2018 at 12:54PM, Edited August 3, 12:54PM

Sony A7III Rig (First Rig)

I'm about to buy an A7III and wanted to put together a nice little cinema setup to give me A1 quality for around $1200. I made a list of things I'm thinking of getting to setup the rig and wanted feedback from some of you who are more experienced with rigs to let me know what I'm missing and if theres any better alternates to what I'm planning on getting.

This rig should be able to shoot on the run documentary style footage and also be able to perform well in setup environments.

Tilta Cage/Kit
Tilta Standard 10" Dove Tail
DSLR 15mm Rodd Battery Supply
Fotga Follow Focus
Fotga Matte Box
Small Rig 15mm Rod Rail Handle Camp
Noga Cine Arm

I'm still looking for a better follow focus system, I know they cost a lot and for what I want to spend on the rig alone I can't invest too much into it.


You should get some audio gear and a lens with good AF and stabilization. Like I am unsure you're going to want to mess around with a matte box while shooting doc stuff. Maybe a variable ND might suit you as well.

August 6, 2018 at 11:19AM

Alex Alva

Yeah, definitely don't want to mess with 4x4 filters while on the run. The SLR Magic MK II Variable ND is a good one. It lets you adjust the angle of it separately from the ND so you can dial in the polarization effect. Just get this, ditch the matte box and get a rubber collapsible hood. The A7III autofocus is so good you're probably better off relying on that than pulling focus yourself. I have the Fotga follow focus though and it's very good. Get some kind of shoulder mount too. Holding the camera with just your arms, even with these small cameras, will get tiring. And a LCD loupe is a must if shooting outdoors.

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Appreciate the response, I'll look into this and adjust my budget.

September 12, 2018 at 1:18PM

Visual Artist.

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