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I am messaging you to help spread the word about an upcoming short film I'm currently writing and will be producing called "Blue Valkyrie: Mistress of Justice."


Blue Valkyrie: Mistress of Justice is a action short film that focuses on one scene which is part of a larger story: The stand-off. It will have a great balance between comedy and serious action. The stand-off scene is between female vigilante Blue Valkyrie and reptile humanoid Count Von Drake and his henchmen who are also reptile humanoids.

This short film heavily relies on the visuals such as CGI, special effects make up and costumes as well as shooting style and technique to make this piece as cinematic as possible. We were inspired by the series called "Arrow" as well as movies such as "X men", "The Matrix" and "The Avengers".

I am writing this with the hope that you will help us spread our campaign so that we can raise the funds for our film. Donate if you can, even the smallest amount is helpful and appreciated!

Your donations will help us to get the props we need, materials for costume designing, supplies for special effects make-up and to pay for actors stay, travels and meals.

Love to hear from everyone soon! We deeply love this project and with your help we can make this a reality!

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Friendly tips: Putting your title in ALL CAPS represents shouting on the internet. No-one appreciates it and few are likely to respond to your 'call for help', which is directly linked to strangers giving you money for a film. You quite literally copied and pasted the post and put no effort into tailoring it for readers here.

Good luck.

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Zachariel Shanahan

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