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Taming the sun--how to shoot EXTERIOR DAY

If you've ever tried shooting video outdoors on a sunny day, you've probably noticed the overwhelming power of the sun. Episode #62 of the Wandering DP podcast does a great breakdown about how to properly manage overhead sunlight and to make it look good and natural instead of terrible:

Of special note is the fact that the base camera used to illustrate the right way to do things is a RED Weapon camera--not because it has 16 stops of native dynamic range, nor because it has 22 stops of dynamic range with 6-stop HDRx enabled. Surprise! It's not about the camera at all! It's about having lighting modifiers: diffusion, bounce, and negative bounce, and using these to tame the otherwise ridiculous harshness of the sun into something that looks both believably lit and easy on the eyes.

Lighting, and light modifiers are the true secret weapons of cinematography.


Glad you made this post... Just did a Shoot as in Jamaica for Pepsi and we had Butterfly frames all over the place although it was a RED shoot but the DP was slinging Diffusion all over the place (silks and all). I think we've sorta gotten lazy because we have become so caught up with Dynamic Range when we need to really pay attention to the art of shaping light and controlling it. Nice Post!

December 21, 2016 at 8:25PM

Wentworth Kelly
DP/Colorist/Drone Op

Thanks! Upvoted...

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