April 14, 2016 at 2:38AM, Edited April 14, 2:39AM


Update on the Shore Scripts 2016 Short Film Fund!

We would like to mention a couple of good bits of news about Shore Scripts Short Film Fund.

Firstly, the dates have changed. We know that having to wait an age to find out whether you will receive funding or not for your short can be infuriating. That's why Shore have moved the FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE TO THE 31ST MAY!

Please note this is just for our Short Film Fund. We will announce our Winner(s) and the total fund amount on the 1st JULY.

Secondly, the lovely people at Arri Media have kindly donated free Camera Equipment for the winning production.

So why should you enter the Short Film Fund?

Here's why:
An opportunity to become a produced screenwriter - Shore will be producing at least one film with a budget of £5000.
A calling card - A short film will help you set up meetings with agents and production companies.
Shore's contacts - All Shore's Judges, Production Companies, and Agents will be sent the final film. That is over 100 of the best people working in the industry who will see your film.

For more information go to www.shorescripts.com!

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