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Upgrading for the first time...


As the title suggests I am upgrading my gear for pretty much the first time. I've been stuck with a 600D (T3i) for a few years now, and while it was a nice camera to start off with, I am gradually making my way closer and closer to professional work and feel that an upgrade is long overdue.

I feel like I've narrowed it down to either the a7s II or the original a7s with the Atomos Ninja Assassin to record 4k externally. (I know 4k isn't really a necessity yet, but I have worked with GH4s in past on weddings etc and it has really come in handy) Both come in at roughly the same price at around £2500.

I was wondering whether any of you on here have any suggestions or experience with either cameras or the Ninja Assassin? And how much of a difference is there between the internal 4k of the a7s II and the external of the a7s? Also - another big draw of the a7s II is the ability to record in SLog 3. How much of an advantage does it practically have over SLog 2?

I've probably left some things out because it's my first time posting. I really need something that's going to last me at least the couple of years and isn't going to dramatically hold me back.



Define professional? technically the sony cameras arent "professional" photography maybe, but not "professional" video. the sony cameras are on the same playing field as a t3i its just newer and obviously has a lot better features. its like saying William “Pudge” Heffelfinger isnt a pro football player in comparison to Tom Brady. Its better to say its out dated. Now that thats out of the way, obviously the A7sII is the "better" camera because its sonys updated camera, and if your like me, we shoot alot of wedding videos. When i shoot videos i like to keep as light as possible so get rid of to much excess gear. so having a recorder that you have to eep working with is counter intuitive especially if your shooting a live event. I would say the a7sii purely because of workflow and if your shooting a short film or you need to have an external recorder, rent it for specific occasions. Hope this helps, obviously I didnt cover the Slog part, but another question is how necessary is 4k for you? If your doing wedding videos your not gonna export in 4K. I, personally, try and get the best 1080p before i go to 4K, so i rent c100s or other HD pro cameras. I do apologize for my crappy grammar and what not

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Carsten Weizer
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Not sure how the A7sII is not a professional camera with an assassin utilizing 4:2:2. I have seen it used on many sets for professional shoots and as secondary in films.

A7sII has fantastic stabilization and when fitted with the right lens in the hands of a great camera op can produce amazing images.

People always talk about 4K not being necessary. Single cam, run and gun shooting...being able to pan and scan is fantastic. Always shoot the highest quality possible if your computer, gear and budget can handle it. This is obvious.

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Alex Gans

I rented the A7s and shogun (when paired with the A7s I'm assuming its the same functionality as the assasin) for this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_25anJ5PKI

I shot for a company and then made my own little blurb of my favorite shots. Here's what I could get out of it and lemme tell you, it's amazing. It might not look good with YouTube's compression of 16MB/s. I was pulling over 300MB/s in 4k and the grading was so easy! That camera with a recorder just does exactly what I need, that being said, I don't own it because of how tiny it is :/ otherwise I would.

Edit: You'll notice in the video but the AF is bad AF on the A7s ;)

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Clark McCauley

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