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Was anyone surprised in NAB with Canon cameras for video?

It has been apparent to me that Canon is not interested in Camera sales for Video enthusiasts. They cannibalized their P and S manual controls a couple of years ago, bricked the 5d mk3 for Magic Lantern and amazingly told by action that they don't love video enthusiasts despite bringing us all together 5 yrs ago.
All my cameras are Canon, but it is unlikely I will buy a Canon lens or camera again. Now we have NAB just over and an introduction of new cameras, but for me none that interest me at all for video. Was this a surpise for you? did you expect Canon to blow us away with a video enthrusiast camera instead of blowing their nose and handing us the tissue? or do are you excited by a new camera for video? Were you disappointed or amazed by the new introductions? and why? This post reflects my opinion, but if you have a positive spin on this, I would love to know that too.


Canon put everything into the C300 Mk2, which should pay off for them big time this Fall.

They also made huge price drops for the C100 Mk1 and C300 Mk1 cameras, which are going to boost Canon Cxxx camera usage. ( I sold all my Canon gear 5 years ago when I switched to shooting video with Panasonic GH2 cameras, but I am considering buying a used C100 because of how cheap they have become. )

So I wouldn't say that Canon has ignored the filmmaking community, they just haven't done anything for the DSLR shooters. If I was buying a new DSLR for video work today I would not buy a Canon, but the Canon C100 is a whole different story.

April 26, 2015 at 4:33PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Canon made a strategic marketing decision somewhere in 2012 to offer professional video cameras in the high end only, where the C100 is their entry level "high end" system. I used the C100 for one year, and it was not bad, but I really like the image from my GH4 better. Yeah, yeah, I know people say that Canons color science is better still, but when get you the settings on the GH4 right, you can get an amazing image quality out of it, including great colors. (VLOG coming soon apparently) The C100 is not really small actually, and imho the new small and light mirrorless cameras (as from Panasonic, Sony etc.) have a huge advantage for documentary work and run and gun work. (including wedding videos)

So I think Canon is simply not betting their money on mirrorless and/or professional video cameras for 2500 USD or less. To answer your question: I did not expect anything remarkable from Canon at NAB. They have basically dropped this market, which is rather strange as they so successfully opened it with their 5D MK II. But this seems to be their strategy.

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Erwin Hartsuiker
CineVideo-NL videographer

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