May 25, 2018 at 10:00AM


We shot a music video on the Letus Anamorphix Adapter

Hey everyone,

A music video I directed just released this week and I thought I'd share it! We shot in an old salon & a retro pinball collection and we used a bunch of aputure lights and rented a 'Letus Anamorphix' adapter which was quirky, but gave the look that I wanted in the end. We shot on an A7s (mark 1) into a blackmagic 4k recorder/monitor. I guess the main oddity of the adapter is that the aspect ration wasn't truly a 1.33x squeeze. It seemed to vary depending on where I had the 'focus ring'. So i ended up adjusting the clips scale by hand in the final grade.

The actors were the lead singer and his girlfriend (who is a non-actor), but I'm really proud of how they just went for it.

YOUTHFOOL - Late Nights:

Any thoughts on the look of the adapter? Has anyone else used it before?

- Luke

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