February 25, 2018 at 8:56AM


We're making an indie horror film about the trauma of domestic abuse.

The film is called TICKLE - A psychological and supernatural film about the isolation and trauma of domestic abuse. Many such victims live in hells yet to be portrayed and we're hoping we can use Tickle to raise awareness.

We've launched a campaign for it and would love for you to join our team!

In the film industry it's no secret that there is a huge disparity between men and women working behind the camera. Considering Tickles’ story and themes it’s incredibly important to us that this film isn't just another man driven production. And so we're making the film with a majority women led crew. We've already put together a class team of incredibly talented women to work on the film with us and we're still searching for a few more roles. In particular a female composer so please get in touch if you can recommend someone!

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