December 22, 2015 at 7:00PM


What camera would you recommend to a director going to a rural area with minimal cinematography experience?

Hello guys,

Not trying to beat this dead horse, but I'm going to Iran to shoot a 45 minute film in a rural village. I'm really trying to go with the bare minimum gear here, I have the boom / audio set up, tripod, and now I'm just looking for a camera. I'd probably add a shoulder rig as well. I've been thinking about the black magic cinema 2.5k and the sony fs100, I don't care about 4k or raw as I won't be able to haul all that storage there. I really want something that isnt too complicated, boasts a decent image quality that I can work with in post, and doesn't come with too many needs for external gear, maybe the large URSA?. I know this is very vague, and I'm sure that a lot of this has been answered, but I'm giving up a lot to head out there and would love to hear some recommendations. Again to the forum/guideline nazi's, I apologize, really short time period before I'm off to Iran.


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