July 17, 2015 at 8:23AM


What're you working on?

So -
We all read these forums and look at the front page with envy about whats going on, which DPs, Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors (etc etc etc) have just had their breakthrough.
it gets me down sometimes reading it thinking Im 25, nearly 26 and not there yet, having only been paid for 2 jobs in 5 years of freelance work - then I remember that I'm still starting out, and it's about passion, work ethic and resilience, or atleast in my opinion it is, then i thought;
I'm curious, what're you all up too? What're you shooting or preparing for?
From big productions from small test shoots with your Nokia 3310.

What Am I up to at the moment?

Well trying to work as a DP preparing for a low budget feature, have a 2 day shoot in a weeks time.

Then August 1- 3rd Shooting my first short film (by first i mean my own script) - I'm the DP and writer, have someone else directing it.
Have built a time machine for the film and started to design the set in my garage - it's meant to look like the character doesn't 100% know what he is doing, and is going with simple guess work.

Here's a test below if you want to see -


Shooting on my Canon 5D II with Samyang Cine Primes and editing on a 9,000 year old Imac.
Really can't wait!

So please, what're you all up too? What're you excited about?

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