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Whats your film editing workflow?

Hello guys,

After the last project I realised that the workflow in postproduction of film is extremely important and I would be interested to know yours, so that I can see what I am maybe doing wrong or just to see different options of workflow on film editing. I will just list you mine and be free to give me opinion on it, thank you ...

1. Raw Footage cut with the director (I usually shoot with Sony NE - EA50 that shoots internally on AVC - HD codec)
2. When everything is edited to final form, if the project needs it, I ADD SPECIAL EFFECTS with After Effects
throught Dynamic Link
3. Then I export whole project to Adobe Speedgrade for color correction/grading
4. Export graded footage from Speedgrade back to Premiere as DPX image sequence (uncompressed format of every single frame as a photo, similar to Cineon)
Which nests all the different shots and cuts in one footage.
5. If noise was added due to color correction/grading I cut shots from the nested DPX sequence and add Reduce Noise plugin (Neat Video)
6. Than comes the sound special effects and music
7. And final export (usually H264 codec and MP4 format)

I still havent figured out the Noise Reduction part if it should be before or after the color correction/grading.
And another note is that when I was reducing noise in Premiere on DPX footage in last project, some shots started flickering with plugin applied. In some of them I could reduce the flickering problem with manually adjusting noise profiles but 3 or 4 shots were really problematic so I had to prerender them in AVI uncompressed with noise reduction applied and reduce noise on the prerendered AVI footage again to remove that flickering problem ...
I know it should not be like that but that was my last solution after manual building of profile
didnt worked out ...

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