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When he was working together with us last time

When he was working together with us last time, we discussed, that’s next? then one of the cool aspects of Bob’s process is the fact he type of lets the characters tell their story and he tells his story, writes it down. So once we talked about where his characters are getting where Drizzt and Bruenor are inclined, where Wulfgar went, those well known characters the long run is almost wide open, but he definitely has many places where he’d prefer to go.

He mentioned they want to go back home and that’s something which’s definitely very worthwhile to me and also the team as fans of his work and Neverwinter. So we’re very excited to use Bob to come and also seeing really his iconic characters in Neverwinter and seeing what adventures each on and the location where the players’ story meets the classic characters. There’s an even more than pretty good possibility that we’ll be utilizing Bob with his fantastic characters again inside future.

Jordan: Drizzt Do’Urden has become the recognizable character name with this franchise and I’m sure players are excited to secure a chance to talk with him inside the game. What will be the extent which they’ll arrive at? Will his appearance be brief?Rob: Like I mentioned, it’s a multi-part story.

So, in this particular instance you’re meeting him on his path. When you run into him, he’s gonna take on Demogorgon. In this first part you’re fighting alongside him and hubby’s helping of these really big fights, even so the story expands next. We’re not telling Drizzt’s story; we’re not playing alongside Drizzt.

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