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Which routines/approaches help you edit short projects quickly?

Hi all. I'm interested in how you structure your editing work. Do you have any particular routines or approaches which help make you sense of the footage? Do you use storyboards or other guides for non-narrative, short projects? Do you piece things together in a linear way, or throw ideas onto the timeline and chip away at them? Do you find organised bins and meta data useful?

I have my own ideas and I'm aware that it depends on the project, etc. But would love to hear from those who have developed time-saving techniques and good working habits.


Well I shoot weddings with 2 Canon 6Ds and a ZOOM H5 for audio,and here is my workflow :
1. I sync all the footage (Ceremony A and B Camera + Audio) (same for Reception). I use Pluraleyes and export XMLs for Premeire Pro.

2. Import the XMLs and it will bring in synced sequences and all the footage in separate organized bins i.e Audio ,Camera 1 and Camera 2

3. Create a new sequence for the film and the preparation footage I will be picking from the finder but I create a separate bin for it and a another one for Music and another for other staff.

So my Ceremony footage will have its bin containing 3 bins Camera 1 ,Camera 2 and Audio same for Reception.As for other projects I pretty much follow the same routine "depending on the project" sorry I had to mention. I hope it makes sense and if there's anything you can help me improve with my workflow its mostly welcome.


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Prosper Kunyetu

Thanks Prosper

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