February 9, 2017 at 3:18AM


Who Wants to Be a Screenwriter?

What is Screenwriting?

Screenwriting is great for people who are visual. Films are about showing and not telling. When you write a screenplay, the dialogue is direct and to the point. The key to becoming a successful screenwriter is to be passionate about your story. Writing without passion will ensure your story will be a flop.

Some people hold that belief that becoming a screenwriter is tough because many people want to sell their ideas. There is some truth to this. Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s who you know not what you know?” Attract the right people to you and selling a screenplay could be easy. Where is it written that it must be difficult to sell a screenplay? There are people who have the same dream, but how many of those people will do what it takes to bring their dream to fruition? Most will give up which leaves the door wide open for you!

Advice on Becoming a Screenwriter

Being a screenwriter requires dedication and perseverance. What are you doing to improve your skills? Are you reading screenplays? Have you joined a screenwriting group? What books have you purchased? How many classes have you taken? Learn all you can about the art of screenwriting; study it like you would any other subject. You’ll do whatever it takes to become a successful screenwriter.

The best advice about becoming a screenwriter is from Oscar winning director, James Cameron. He says, “…write a bad screenplay first then go back and write a great one.” The key is to write your first screenplay. Most people love the idea of writing a screenplay; they will not actually write
one. What about you? Do you want to write and sell a screenplay? Do you love the idea of writing a screenplay? It’s best to find out now to avoid wasting time and the time of others. Good luck!

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