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Do You Hate Your A6300 as Much as I Do?

The image is super sharp and ugly to me. I would not shoot a movie with it because of the sharpness and the texture which is not cinematic at all. I do like taking photos and shooting music videos with it but I would not shoot a movie with it. The menu sucks and I don't like the way it handles highlights. For the most part, I hate this camera for serious movie work and went back to using my bmpcc. Do you hate your a6300?

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To my eye, all still cameras are very non-cinematic, though some are definitely better than others. Film is still the gold standard for cinema, which has global shutter, wide latitude, natural color, no alias/moire, no sharpening, no compression. What DSLR does that? None! I keep thinking about getting one, keep researching and keep winding up disappointed.

It's also interesting that everybody complains about video noise but not film grain. Some even prefer it, which is why shows like "Walking Dead" are shot on 16mm with 500 ISO film even in broad daylight! It takes effort to shoot on high-speed film outdoors and I myself have never used higher than 100 ISO.

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