February 5, 2017 at 7:51AM


5 questions you should ask yourself before shooting with vintage anamorphic

Lately I had the chance to shoot a lot with vintage anamorphic lenses and I sometime had a pretty hard time dealing with them, not only focus wise but really in general. And I have the feeling that sometime directors or Dop forget that everything is a tool and every job have a specific "tool" that fits best its needs. Here you have an example: last week I have been shooting in Southern Spain with a foreign production a commercial. We had to shoot a lot, in quiet a few different locations, almost everything was going to be handheld and we were a relatively small crew, meaning that the camera crew was only the dop who also operating the camera, a focus puller and a 2nd camera assistant...


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I'm not sure why somebody would want to shoot anamorphic in a digital world. You either have to vertically squeeze the image in post, throwing away resolution or you horizontally expand the image, eating up twice as much data/processing and still have lower quality than shooting with spherical optics. 15 years ago, I would have been all for shooting anamorphic because the projector lenses did the unsqueezing. Still, it takes a dedicated camera crew that understands anamorphic optics and has practiced with them to get the best results.

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