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5D MKII vs 7D MKII vs GH4
Hi all!
I've saved up some cash for myself and i'm looking to buy a camera, i'd like to know which camera would be best for creating short films and which would be best for general filming? Don't worry about other equipment and lenses i'm really just interested to see which one you would pick (personally as a film maker) and why?

5D MK 2 Specs: http://snapsort.com/cameras/Canon/EOS_5D_Mark_II/specs

7D MK 2 Specs:

GH4 Specs:


5D Mk2
- For the shallow DOF when you want it
- For still photo work
( there really aren't any other reasons to own this camera )

7D Mk2
- Only for still photo work
( this is NOT a great camera for video work )

- For video work
- 4K Internal recording
- Proper cine image controls
- High bit-rate recording
- Super sharp images ( this can be turned down, which I do quite a bit )
- Can shoot with almost any lens ever made
- One battery lasts 3+ hours
- 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 HDMI Out for an external recorder
- While you can shoot still photos with the GH4, I would pick a Canon 7D Mk2 or the 5D Mk2 over the GH4 when shooting still photos. ( my top pick would be the Nikon D750 or D810 for still photos )

...Right now the icing on the cake that is missing is the Pansonic V-log, which will arrive some day. Panasonic is being super conservative with this new V-log tech, so I expect great things from it once it's finally available.

The CameraStore TV : The Firmware Episode ( which includes GH4 V-log )

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Thanks so much !

George Hansen

June 30, 2015 at 8:39AM

I would definitly pick the GH4 because it's just MADE FOR VIDEO.
You get 1 by 1 pixel read out out of the GH4 in 4K and UHD.
With the 5D Mk III and the 7D Mk II you will always fight with aliasing moire.
Canon DSLRs are still cameras for photography work. They just have an extra video feature. But DSLMs like the GH4 or the Alpha 7s are made for video but also keep their photo capabilities.

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Eric Halbherr
Director, DP, Editor, Creative Storyteller

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