July 7, 2015 at 4:41PM


A7S for Documentary - Questions on Shooting

Hey guys! Next week I'll be shooting a docu short film overseas for a couple weeks and plan on shooting with the A7S. Delivery output for the film will be on Vimeo, with a few festivals in mind. With that said, here are a few questions I had:

1. Power - How many Sony batteries for the camera will I need in my order? I'll be shooting every day, but a lot is run n' gun style, with turning the camera off when not in use. I'll probably obtain 2.5 hours on average each day, but even that might be a little high. I've heard that the A7S battery is horrible, and I would only be able to squeeze out 90ish minutes on a full charge. Is this true if I'm not doing continuous recording? Will be shooting in HD, 1080p. I'm thinking 4 fully charged batteries can get me through a day?
2. Resolution - Since output and much of the audience is for web, is there any need for me to shoot in 4K with the Shogun? I'm afraid that a 10-12 hour day on this recorder will drain the battery even more for the A7S, plus batteries I would need for the Atomos.
3. I'm renting through LensRentals and am looking at the Ronin. This short film will be manned as a team of one, can the Ronin be operated by a single person? If so, what's the battery life on it like too?

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