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a7s with metabones adapter and canon lenses

I just started filming with the A7S using a metabones adapter (not the speed booster) and my canon 24-105 lens out here in the bush in South Sudan.

I had read a bit about some problems with the strength of metabones adapters and long canon lenses and the 105 was about as long of a lens it was possible to use with this set-up.

Very soon after starting, though, I started to lose the connection between the 24-105 lens and the camera. I stopped having control of my aperture, the light started flickering.

Out in the field on assignment, I could only amend the situation by reattaching the lens (off and on) which fixed it momentarily.

After a day of filming, back at base, I decided to switch back to my Canon 5D Mark II but it seems the set up ruined my lens to the extent the contacts no longer worked on my trusty 5D.

I'm shocked. Could the metabones/sony set-up have broken my 24-105 lens?

I can't imagine that all of you raving about the A7S have never used anything more than a 50/70 lens on the camera. I've read a bunch of posts but haven't heard anyone mention longer lenses... which is why I'm writing here.

What have been your experiences filming with these types of set ups? I've heard terrible things about the sony lenses so what's the solution if you shoot in difficult conditions and don't have the luxury of carrying around a sack of lenses? And even then, how do you prevent the set-up from ruining your lenses?

Do I suck it up and buy the sony lenses? Do I take the adapter back to Metabones and let them know the system busted my lens?


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Did you ever find an answer? Are you now a Sony E-mount lens owner?

I am considering buying the a7s or a7sII as a B-camera to the Sony FS7, but am hesitant to commit $ to collecting E-mount glass; I prefer using EF mount w/ Metabones Mark IV or Speedbooster on my FS7, knowing that down the road I can use the EF lenses on a wide variety of other cameras, with adapters. (I mainly shoot video, so AF is not as important to me as it might be if I were primarily a stills shooter.)

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I found a discussion and camera demo on Vimeo regarding this subject:


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I have the exact same problem and now I'm worried that my lens start failing as well. Usually I only make videos with my A7S but the record button always worked, even when the aperture doesn't appear on the screen. But recently I tried to take a picture and noticed that the metabones problem also affects the shutter button.

November 5, 2016 at 3:12PM

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