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Any affordable electronic lens convertors you could recommend?


I currently use the Canon 650D, but I am looking to upgrade to a 4K DSLR. I have built up a collection of all Canon glass, which I am wanting to keep.

I really like the look of the GH5, but unfortunately, this is out of my price range once I add on a metabones lens converter.

Could anyone recommend a more affordable electronic lens converter? Or should I go with the GH4 and get a metabones converter?


Dave Dugdale did a good review of a Metabones adapter vs a low-cost Commlite adapter to mount Canon EF lenses on his Sony A7S camera : https://goo.gl/T7x5eI

Commlite also make an adapter to mount Canon EF lenses on Micro 4/3 cameras. I haven't used it, but it's a LOT more affordable than the Metabones equivalent : https://goo.gl/YO0l95

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Fantastic, thank you!

Izak Jackson

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