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Aputure VS-2 FineHD vs TARION M7-OP HD for GH4: Which to purchase?


Currently I've been trying to decide which monitor in the title to purchase for an external monitor for my LUMIX GH4. A slight difference in prices is not a big deal for me in this case; I would just like to buy what is actually good. My level in filmmaking is, I would say, intermediate, and here are my concerns in deciding which to buy:

(1) Monitor Resolution
The Aputure monitor has the resolution of 1920*1200, while the TARION monitor has that of 1280*800. I love to use f 1.7 prime lens, so precise focusing is way more important in actual shooting. I know in this case higher resolution means better, but what I would like to ask you here is if the 1280*800 monitor is still good for precise focusing.

(2) Waveform Display Feature & Vector Scope
To be honest, I still don't really get what this feature is for, or in what situation this feature is useful. The TARION monitor has this feature while the Aputure monitor doesn't, as well as the vector scope feature.
So my concern is, if the day will come when I desperately need these features in shooting.

Basically my question does come from the lack of knowledge, and I know this ignorance makes me just an intermediate filmmaker, but I'd truly appreciate it if you could teach me about what I mentioned above.

And if you know what else is better, please tell me.

Thank you, and very sorry for my poor English.
From Japan

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