January 18, 2016 at 7:54PM


Atomos Ninja 2

I read about the price slash on the Ninja 2 and it's it incredible... However my main concern would be: How would the Ninja2 fare in a wireless monitor set up? Has anyone tried to connect a wireless HD video transmitter (say from IO GEAR) to any HDTV using the Ninja2's hdmi output to see if (1.) it would work?
(2.) Is the signal clean, (3.) lag/jitter free?
(4.) Is the output 1920x1080?
(5.) Can it carry sound?
If it worked, it would really be an excellent solution for clients' previewing a shoot or even a full HDTV director's monitor as some of these hdmi transmitters boast a range of up to 100 feet+. Including the reduced risk of tripping over wires on set.
I've searched and searched but i haven't found anyone run that test or cover it in any reviews yet.
I would really appreciate if someone who already has the Ninja2 and a wireless transmitter could run such tests and update here please. I'd like to know before I buy.
Thank you so very much in advance.

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