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Best camera for beginner filmmaker?

Hi, I'm nearly 16 years old and am a young filmmaker. Next school year (September) I begin my final media studies assessment in which I'm requires to make a film trailer. Along side this, I travel to Nepal in July 2017. Between now and September I wish to buy a dslr with one or two lenses. Please recommend a dslr with some particular lenses for a beginner to intermediate. My budget is up to £500 at a push (including lenses and an external microphone). I would prefer to spend approximately £350 but can push to find another £100. I will happily buy used! Please give me any advise.

Thank you so much!!!

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This might be the most popular question on NFS.

First of all I would recommend waiting, and just using an iPhone or Android , and purchasing a external audio recorder like a Tascam Zoom H4 , you will notice that the majority of starting filmmakers have terrible audio.

If you HAVE to buy a camera, which I recommend you don't , I would aim for a Canon T2i or T3i on Ebay, that will run you about 270 pounds for the body alone, sometimes sellers will have a kit lens packaged with it. After you purchase the body I would go for the canon 50mm 1.8 Prime - its a great fast lens and its cheap , only about 70 pounds.

But overall... stick with an iphone and save your money for now

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