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Best Camera under $1500 (including basic lens and gear)

for the past few years i've been filming action sports using a go pro, but i no longer want to just film action sports and i feel as though i am in need of a new camera, although action sports will still be my main field i also want to be able to make short films and home videos of the sort. I was almost decided on a Canon HF G30 but decided at my price range it would be better to get a DSLR.
The main thing im looking for is something that can do 1080p at 60fps but im afraid that this is near impossible to find at my price range. Also anything with the least video tearing would be excellent because i want to film things like skate boarding. Currently the a77 mark 2 and the 70D look like alright options but aren't exactly what im looking for. If someone could make a suggestion or give me some information to consider that would be very appreciated thank you.


The Nikon D5300, Panasonic GH3, and Sony A6000 can also shoot 1080 60p footage, and these would be my top three choices for cameras. ( the Canon 70D has aliasing and moire imaging problems so I would not recommend it )

January 1, 2015 at 7:36PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I would not get the A77m2, at least not if you don't care too much about taking pictures?

For 1500 bucks you could get the GH3 or the G6 (and save some bucks),
the 14-42mm m2 (better than any dslr cheapo kit lens because it focuses silently)
and a rokinon/samyang 7,5mm fisheye (for lines)
and an external mic.

Get yourself a mini manfrotto tripod, its around 30 bucks but its great for filming low angles without sacrificing your back.

If you have some money left get some led video lights... its not the best but it will light up a spot for you for night filming.

I suggest buying a china cage that surrounds your camera instead of just those handle things that you see a lot of skaters film with. The cage already saved my camera several times when a board goes the wrong way when filming lines or when falling while filming.... rather have a metal object take the beating than my camera. My gh2 traveled the world and already received a lot of beatings and is still alive and kicking.

I use a gh2 and I film mostly skateboarding and fight sports. I also own a Sony A77 mark 1 and its just sitting around collecting dust. Its a lot heavier for filming, and on the end of the day your arms and back will thank you for using a mirrorless camera instead of a dslr. The lighter your camera the more you will use it.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info!



January 3, 2015 at 8:30AM

gandulf charpentier
director of pornography

Blackmagic pocket camera is very interesting and is inside of your budget.

January 22, 2015 at 3:46AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

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