December 16, 2015 at 11:57PM


Blackmagic Ursa Mini vs Sony A7s M2?

I am selling my unused motorcycle for this winter since my dad is giving me his anyways and I was thinking I could just buy a camera since I do YouTube videos and would like to step up my game over my current G7. The types of videos I do are tech and some tech channels on YouTube (the really successful ones) have camera's like the RED Dragon, FS7, etc. so i'm trying to do the same. here is my channel if interested:

Anyways I was really looking at getting the A7s ii at first, until I saw how amazing the footage on the Ursa looked. Its so film like with grading. But the A7s has amazing low light which is one of the reasons I am getting tired of my G7 because of its terrible low light capabilities. Although if I do get something like the Ursa I am definitely buying some higher grade lights.

So please tell me what to get. The cost would be pretty much the same. With the Ursa 4K sensor its $3K, then some CFast cards are like $300 and a Sigma 18-35mm is $800. That's about $4K and the same with the A7s because a good lens the A7 costs about $1K.


I checked out the first video on your YouTube site. It was an unboxing video.

If your ambition is to grade footage so that it looks like it was shot on film, you have to start with lighting. And that's not a short journey: the better you get with lighting, the longer you can delay a camera upgrade. But based on the video I saw, you could have shot it with a RED DRAGON and it would not have changed the fact that no amount of rack focus, shallow depth of field, slider moves, etc., make up for that fact that you didn't really light it. (Yes, you lit your hands as you unboxed it, but you didn't appear to light the product when you made the hero shots of it.)

December 18, 2015 at 6:26AM


The first video you saw was an unboxing? Can I know which video that is? Because I haven't done a single unboxing video in a long time. You must have seen one of my old videos, please watch my up to date videos and then judge

David Pastars

December 21, 2015 at 11:59PM

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