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Boogie Nights/Magnolia PTA Track In's - Camera Movement

How did PTA achieve this look eg. What kind of lens did he use zoom or prime, if so, did he zoom-in while tracking, did he use a steadicam or a dolly for these shots, what kind of rig was used.
Please click on the link above link. What I'm most curious about is at 38-40, 41-43, 1:01-1:04, and 1:35-1:39.
I just want someone else's opinion on the type of camera movement and how they did it.


He learned that trick from Robert Altman. You put a zoom lens on a dolly, track in, and towards the end of the shot zoom in. The dolly move helps cover up the zoom and allows you to quickly move from a wide to a close-up without the use of a cut, lending a sense of momentum or propulsion to the shot.

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Thanks a lot. I figured that's how he did it but I just wanted a second opinion. What specific movie does Altman use this technique? Cause I know he love his zoom lenses but I've never noticed it in any of his movies. What kind of lens do you think PTA used? Just any zoom lens or anything specific?

Dylan Flynn Budnieski

October 4, 2016 at 8:48PM

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