August 27, 2015 at 5:42PM


C100 Mark II or Sony A7S for live music?

Im a passionate live music photographer and videographer. I am hoping to go on to with a band later this year and Im looking to upgrade my 5D Mark II to a better camera. Im after greater low light performance, better battery life and slow motion which sadly my mark II lacks. Im curious as to what people would recommend? Ive personally narrowed it down to either a A7S or a C100 Mark II. C100 obviously being a lot more expensive and having no stills option. But I have invested in a fair amount of Canon lenses already. Thoughts?

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I'm doing a shoot for Andy Grammer this weekend with the A7s. Much better lowlight performance than the C100 in my opinion, and for the price it's just insane. Pair that with the Atomos Shogun and you've got yourself a 4:2:2 Slog2 4K beast.

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Clark McCauley

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