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C100 MK II - What Atomos recorder to pair it with?

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the different routes one could take with the C100 MK II and an external recorder.

Does anyone out there shoot with this combo? Which recorder do you use and why?

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I don't have a C100 MKII, but it has many of the same recording limitations (28Mbps-35Mbps) that caused me to spring for an external recorder. Here's a posting that shows C100 card footage and ProRes 422 (captured via Atomos Samurai Blade): http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/canon-cinema-eos-camera-systems/520396-canon...

I chose to augment my GH4 with an Atomos Shogun because (1) I needed 4K (not a problem for C100 MK II), (2) I wanted better quality video that I could push around more reliably in post, (3) I wanted a much larger screen for better focus evaluation, and (4) I wanted a decent set of video scopes (provided with the C100). After having that combo for a year, I've come to also appreciate (5) being able to load up LUTs and meter my video through a LUT (so I can dial in colors even better at capture than I can correct to in post).

You might only value reasons (2), (3), and (5). If all you care about is the "uncompressed" capture, then you can do well with an Atomos Ninja Star or a Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck shuttle. If you want the bigger screen, better scopes, LUT functions, etc., you can read the specs and make the choice. I'm happy with SHOGUN's price/quality/feature capabilities. Some people want a more robust/heavier screen, and Odyssey does that nicely.

Then again, if you don't have to push stuff around in post (which you may not if the C100 is your only camera and you learn to get it right on set), then skip the recorder and be happy the C100 is such a complete solution in and of itself!

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