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C300 - how well does it perform handheld?

I've never shot with a Canon C300, but when I've seen others using them, they're always using a shoulder rig of some sorts.

How does the camera perform handheld, without a shoulder rig? I'm a documentary shooter and tend to like handheld over shoulder rigs.

Is it balanced enough for handheld, even with the factory monitor and handle on top?



Hey there, I used the C300 MK1 a lot in the recent years. Always without a shoulder rig.

One hand on the right handle, the other hand under the lens. If you don't need a followfocus or mattebox, I'd say that the C300 is great just like that.

It's also nice since you can easily shoot from the hip using the factory monitor on top. and you can use the EVF under bright light.

It's very light, even with a small on-board mic.

My only downside is, without the monitor on, you can't record sound, there's no internal mic. So for a very discret set up, it works well with just the evf but you have to get sounds another way.

It has the same feeling as holding a DSLR except its much better (of course)



January 19, 2016 at 2:44PM

Danny T

You won't have any micro-jitters with the C300 handheld, but handholding it still requires good technique, and you won't be doing any walking shots with it, unless shaky-cam is the aesthetic you are going for (might get away with some 720p slow-motion while moving).

Having the strap around your neck and keeping it taut is a way to stabilize it. I rarely use my shoulder rig, but almost always take the monopod. Even if the monopod isn't touching the ground, it adds weight to the movement.

Regarding the audio the previous poster mentioned - yes without the display you lose the XLR's, but there is still a mic input (mini-jack) on the body itself, where you could plug some DSLR type microphone, like the RODE video or stereo mics. The fan in the camera was never loud, but with new firmware it now shuts off completely while recording, so as a way to get basic, atmospheric audio it's not bad.

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