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Cage to hold different DSLRs

Hey guys, I'm looking for a general camera cage system than can fit a variety of cameras (5DIII, 60D, GH4, BMCC, BMPCC, probably also a C300/C500 in the future).

• Must have access to all/most important ports/buttons/batteries on the camera
• Multiple attachment points for other accessories
• Must be able to attach top handle
• Must be able to attach rail baseplate

So far, the best I've seen is the Wooden Camera Quick Cage:

Also looking at this other model (Walimex Aptaris Universal):

I like it more because of the adjustable cage height. No rails included in the package though. Cheaper (about 1/2 price of the Wooden Camera cage).

Your experiences/thoughts regarding the two models mentioned? Also, any other models you might suggest?


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I currently own the Quick Cage for my GH4, but I also seriously considered the Walimex. I actually did extensive research on cages and also narrowed it down to the Quick Cage and Walimex cage, and was even about to pull the trigger on the Walimex when it was on sale and cheaper than the Quick Cage, but I waited to long and it reverted to its original retail price, which was more expensive than the Quick Cage. As a result, I got a Quick Cage instead. Without having experience with both cages, I do believe that they are very similar in build and functionality, with the Walimex being slightly more versatile as it doesn't require the purchase of additional arms to fit on different sized cameras.

All that being said, I love my Quick Cage, and it pretty much lives on my GH4 permanently. It doesn't get in the way of camera functionality whatsoever, and in fact lends weight and even another gripping point to the camera. It's tapped with 1/4 20's and 3/8's *everywhere*, allowing you to mount stuff anywhere. Just the other day, I shot a presentation (solo) and needed to have my audio recorder mounted somewhere where I could keep an eye on the levels, with the only appropriate spot being on the top cheese-plate. This took up most of the room on the cheese-plate, leaving no room to mount my shotgun mic, so I just mounted it on the side-arm, which is also tapped with 1/4 20's.

Overall, I am very, very happy with the Quick Cage because it adds a ton of functionality to my rig without getting in the way at all. I highly recommend it.

April 4, 2015 at 2:41PM


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