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Can I release my movie with Blu Ray Discs in Indian Movie Theaters ?

I'm working on a local movie project and wanna release it in local theaters, So i wanna ask that do Indian movie theaters accept the Blu rays for exhibition or I need to involve distributors for Satellite Exhibition ?


If you have a distributor, they will tell you exactly what you need in terms of deliverables. If you are renting out the theater yourself (which is how 99% of all indie films ever get screened) you cannot avoid having a conversation directly with the theater management, not only about formats, but about many things. Take advantage of the time you are speaking with them and ask them the question you keep asking on these boards: "What format works best with the equipment you have, and what range of options can you support if need be." If they won't or cannot answer those questions, you will have an impossibly hard time working with them, regardless of the information that is posted on these boards. If they do answer your question, you will get an answer that is perfectly accurate for your situation, regardless of how anybody answers your question on these boards.

TL;DR (for the third time): talk with the theaters to get your answer.

November 26, 2016 at 8:15AM


I should perhaps add this: asking a theater what makes things work best for them is not a sign that you lack basic understanding. It is a sign that you are professional enough to actually make things work best for them. Which is something that the theater managers will definitely appreciate. Nobody appreciates somebody who comes in to an environment thinking they know all the answers, especially when they don't!

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November 26, 2016 at 3:34PM

I have no idea of it

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