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Can somebody give me feedback on my film idea?

I have to make a 10 shot silent short film for my Video Production Class final. I have this idea, and I want some feedback on it--is it interesting, does it make sense, etc.

Here's a quick summary:
It's post college and the main character is left jobless. Rent money is overdue, bills pile, and there's still tuition loans to pay back. Out of desperation, the main character decides to sell their school notes. A year passes, and their wall is covered with diplomas: the main character has decided to go back to school to continue to take notes to sell.

The overarching message of this film is that even with a college degree, it does not guarantee that everyone can find a job/career.

So how is it?

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That's a lot to say with ten shots but it can be done. You can use camera moves to get more information into each shot without getting boring, so go for it!

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