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Is Canon SL2(200D) Good For Music Videos ?

I have to delever videos at 1080p.
And slow-motion is important.

I have worked on some music videos lately.
I rented a 5D Mk4 with 24-105 & 70-200mm lens.
But i want to own a Camera.
I dont have one.
I am collecting money for a camera.
I have only done 6 Music Videos.
I Dont earn much. Coz im new to industry.
I have future projects.
Can i pull out 5D level videos from a 200D.
I could still rent lenses at a lower cost than renting a 5D.
& I think i can survive without wide angle shots
I shot my last video completely on 70-200mm
And some handheld drone shots
So they can look like i shot it on a 3axis gimble
Too Wide angle shots are something that i can get on a drone BTW
Camera was on a tripod the whole time
My question is that if i use SL2
Will the 1080p video, after a well planned shoot, with some good expensive rented lenses and some color grading,
Will no one be able to differ that its not shot on a 5Dm4.
I mean like detail, sharpness, color, and dynamic range.
I can get a second hand 5Dm3 at like a $1000
But for that price no 4k and 720p 60fps and 1080 at only 30fps is deal breaker
Slow mo is the first thing used in music videos in india.
i am scared about low light performence on sl2.
But as i was thinking, as i get a big budget project , i should rent 5D.
But in low or medium i can use SL2.
And i will also have a camera for my own
Short films and youtube videos.
Side note : Last video (shot on 5d) gave me so good results, a big national production company agreed to release it.


I would buy a camera instead of renting just when you have a shoot. This way you can practice without spending the money on a rental.

That being said I wouldn't buy the SL2 at that price.

Try checking out the Panasonic G7 or the Sony A6000. The G7 has 4k and slow motion at 1080 . The A6000 has better low light, doesn't shoot 4K but does have slow motion at 60p. One isn't superior to the other in my opinion but I do prefer to shoot with the G7. That's just my preference though.

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Alex Alva

I love my G7. The only issue is no HDMI output while recording, so you can't use an external monitor. It does have focus peaking however.

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