July 18, 2018 at 1:24PM


Cartoonish or Paint style look on a documentary?

I've shot a documentary of a painter girl who used to live in Iran. She escaped to Turkey because of the political situation and the pressure from her family to her to get married instead of painting. The documentary mostly focus on her relationship with her family. Yet at some point she'll talk about "moralitiy police." She can return to Iran anythime if she'd like to, there is no restriciton on her. The problem that make me nervous is that if she will be in trouble just because of the documentary. So i'm thinking to hide her ID, and her face. Instead of just blurring out her face i wanna use something else; Cartoonish or paint style look for whole frame & documentary. Plus i do beleive that it will serve to tell the pressure as well. But since it's a serious documentary i'm not sure if that looks fit in "documentary" genre. What do you think? Do you think will it work? Help me to decide!

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