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Color Calibration


I stumbled onto this video today, and I'm curious to see how many of us are using tools like this:

X-Rite ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport Bundle

Judging from the demo video below it seems to be a nobrainer for any creative working with white balance/color.

Does anyone know if tools like these are being used in higher end productions or if there is a better/different process?

For example, a colorist working through a commercial.



I had such calibration hardware a few weeks ago to calibrate 2 monitors.
Conclusion: it made no sense.

I was not able to adjust both monitors of the same brand and same type
to display the same colors. And they stand next to each other.

Anytime I started the calibration process which took me an half an hour, the tint of my displays changed from warm to more cold and vice versa, though my ambient light hasn't been changed during those processes.

Any executed calibration brought a too extreme tint to my screen, far away from the default settings. Compared to other consumer screens like smartphones, tablet PCs etc. it looked wrong.

The calibration hardware was such a waste of time. Finally, I adjusted the screens by eye (white color a tint of warm, but not yellow) and checked if it matched to consumer screens.

Consumers do not have calibrated screens. So I would be aware of calibrating a screen to get correct results, but which cannot be seen by the consumer. In particular on YouTube.

I would use a correctly calibrated monitor only if I had to print pictures on paper. Then it would make sense to see on screen what might be on paper.

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Steadicam Operator/Owner

Professional quality videos have to be color corrected by using a quality monitor that is properly calibrated and is interfacing with a computer using a dedicated and specialized video card.

You may opt not to do any of that but then do not expect to have a professional quality video!

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Cary Knoop

I use both of these items and they've been pretty useful to me. Especially the cheapo X-Rite ColorMunki Display unit, which helped to "neutralize" the color of my displays. It's definitely not a perfect tool ( it doesn't work well for monitors used in bright light because it can't factor in the ambient room light, you have to buy the much more expensive models for that ), but it did improve the overall color balance of my monitors, including my laptop's display.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Thank you for the feedback everyone!

I think I'm gunna snag that bundle, and get started.

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