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Connecting two lavalier mics to a zoom h5

Is it possible to connect two lavalier mics to the zoom h5 external recorder and have it record to two separate tracks? Also, what kind of adapter would I need to connect the lavalier mics to the xlr input? I assume it'd be something like a mini-jack to xlr, but I'm not sure.


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The problem is that almost all lav mics need 5 volt "mic" power to function, which means you have to use an expensive ( $100+ ) XLR to 3.5mm mini-plug adapter that will also convert 48 volt phantom power down to 5 volts. Considering the cost of this type of adapter, you might want to invest in a Tascam DR-05 recorder which has a 3.5mm mini-plug connector and built-in "mic" power. These recorders cost $100 or less, and can record 24-bit 48 kHz uncompressed audio all day. ( I own two Tascam DR-07 Mk2 recorders that I use with lav mics, but this model has been discontinued, so the DR-05 is the next best thing and it costs less than the DR-07 Mk2 )

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