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Creating scrolling text in After Effects

Hey everyone!

I'm an independent filmmaker working on the finishing touches on a short film and I since I have very little experience with After Effects I am in dire need of help with this one effect I would like to create!

I have the perfect example of what I want to achieve exactly: in BBC's Sherlock (episode "The Great Game") when he's googling on his mobile, there is a scrolling text effect as he's going through the results.

This is what I want to make. Problem is the only tutorials I can find online are all about scrolling end credits, and it's not quite that simple, because I need the text to start and end in a specific place, not continue across the full length of the screen...

Any tips or links to tutorials that I might have missed would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


What I would do, is follow the instructions for scolling credits, but then, after you want the text to show only in a certain part of the screen, use a matte. There are at least three ways: track matte, set matte, preserve transparency. I suggest using a track matte. So create a solid layer above the text layer, create a mask on the solid where you want the text layer to show, add feathering if you want. Then set the text layer to use the matte layer as an Alpha Matte. Now the text will show where the matte layer's mask is, and you can work on the text however you want - you can animate it, etc. There are great tutorials on track mattes on Youtube. :)

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And here is a good tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ZkLpBrseU
He creates the text matte from 4:35 onward. Only thing that you have to do differently to make it easy, is to create the mask of the matte layer to the area where you want the text to show and then use Alpha Matte instead of Inverted as he does in that video. :)
Hope these tips help!

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